OPEN: 11:00am-8:00pm Mon-Sat
OPEN: 11:00am-8:00pm Mon-Sat

Mistress Eloise

Secret 27 Mistress

If you would like to book Mistress Eloise, please call or message via WhatsApp for up to date availability. 



Like all the best things in life, I’ve always defied expectations. I fuse the traditional with the alternative and the beautiful with the unexpected – a neon pink English rose, if you will.

Over the delightfully debauched years I’ve been a performer, a muso, an academic and a kink educator. Now, I’m a highly-regarded London Dominatrix, with over 10 years experience in this world. I’m skilled, intuitive and passionate, with a particular love of very good boys who follow My instructions to the letter. Perhaps you knew Me before as Governess Elizabeth.

But I’m a very long way from that cliche of a cold, cruel Mistress. I’m a romantic and a pleasure seeker, and delight in getting lost in a shared fantasy. As a result, My style is sensual and teasing – because what is kink if not play? My sessions are filled with laughter and lightness, rather than the dark gloom of a dungeon; I don’t see these things as contradictory to My power. On the contrary, I come alive in the space between strength and softness – because even the pinkest rose has thorns.

I build deep, intimate connections with truly dedicated submissives; ones that flourish over time through desire. Increasingly, it’s the psychological aspects of domination which thrill Me the most, as they allow the space for this deep power exchange.

Let Me into your head so I can learn how you tick. I want to be seduced through your surrender, to delight in your gradual unravelling.

An introduction to Me is an introduction to your truest self.

5ft 6

Mistress Eloise is a Domme who can be seen alone or with an assistant.

45 mins
1 hour
90 mins
2 hours
additional hours

Additional tributes for an assistant when required are listed below.

45 mins
1 hour
90 mins
2 hours
Additional Hours

Mistress Eloise's schedule for the next two weeks.


July 23, 2024


July 24, 2024


July 25, 2024


July 30, 2024


July 31, 2024


August 1, 2024

These are some of the fetish services that Mistress Eloise offers. This list may help understand what might be expected of you when serving her.

Anal Play
Ball Busting
Body Worship
Breathe Play
CBT/Cock and Ball Torture
Corporal Punishment
Electrics (Electrastim and Violet Wand)
Foot/Stocking/Shoe/Boot Worship
Intox Play
Latex, Leather, PVC and Uniforms
Nappy Play
Needle Play
Nipple Play/Torture
Personal Services
Role Play
Skin Staples
Tie and Tease
Urethral Sounds
Wax Play
Mistress Eloise’s Reviews
April 14, 2024
Al - Uk Punting

March 7, 2024
David - Secret27 Email

I had the inspiring experience of meeting Mistress Eloise on my first visit to Secret27 recently. As a previous London Retreat regular it was invigorating to discover this cosy, well equipped and convenient basement and relish the skills, beauty and outstanding performance of Mistress Eloise.

A shiny goddess with a knowing smile and glint in her eyes, she demonstrated her just perfect expertise in matters kink, across a wide variety of her listed services, including

As a seasoned kinkster, I cannot recommend her more highly, especially if you are minded to experiment with some new experiences, as she will spoil you with her delicate, graceful but firm and knowing hands, all delivered with an amused and knowing half smile half sneer – so damn hot and the perfect Mistress with whom to explore your known and perhaps yet unknown boundaries…


December 27, 2023
Andy - WhatsApp

Yesterday I spent three highly stimulating hours in the company of the greatly talented Mistress Eloise. Her beauty is perfectly matched by her ability to craft an experience to stimulate both body and mind. A true master (or should I say mistress) of her craft.

If you are looking for a fully immersive experience, you cannot do better.

July 11, 2023
RoyRace77 UK Punting

September 28, 2023
Jim - Via Email
It’s actually a couple of months ago that I saw Eloise on 28 Sept but as I contemplate my second visit while up in London I thought a review was in order.
I was very disappointed when London Retreat closed especially as Mistress Lauren had become my regular favourite there. Then in September I came across Secret27 which sounded like a similar set up, I became even more excited when I found out Mistress Lauren was there although by the time I got round to phoning she was back at the new style London Retreat.
I booked to see Mistress Eloise for an hour who looked gorgeous in the photos. I arrived and was shown in by Candi and minutes later Eloise appeared.  She looked gorgeous, slender, younger and much more beautiful than her photos, perfect!   She is well spoken,  warm, friendly, attentive and charming, really intuitive and knew exactly what I wanted.
 I felt more than comfortable outlining how I wanted to start and finish and some idea of my likes.
Eloise left and I stripped and waited. She was back much sooner than in London Retreat, where sometimes it was a good 5 mins or more probably because they had back to back appointments which meant the girls had to grab a break while we waited.
Eloise returned she stood in front of me on the slightly raised area in front of the door hands on hips and ordered me to spread my legs. She removed her shoes saying she much preferred to use her bare feet to kick with (as do I). She started kicking the first 3 few bareable, then they got harder, I doubled over clutching my balls.
It’s a bit of a blur after that but I remembered bent over the bench as she used her cane in quick strokes of 3. I need to ask her to next time to finish with a solid couple to leave me with one good stripe as I like to have something to see in the mirror and remind me of the session.
I was told to lie down and she attached the electrics to me and set it at 18 and said she wanted to see if I could take it up to 25 but to my disappointment she didn’t return to it as she busied her self tying me down spread eagles. She then allowed me to worship her breasts before mounting my face so I could  lick out her sweet pussy while she teased my cock.
After the tease and licking she turned around and eased my cock deep inside her and brought me to a climax.
I will definitely she her again but ensure next time make sure  she spends more time on maxing out the e-stim on me and leaves her mark.
October 4, 2023

Eloise…I just don’t know what to say, 2 hours of utter pleasure, I’ve have never experienced anything like it in my entire life…and I thought I was pretty kinky before I met you ! Our previous sessions have been incredible and I thought could never be beaten until now, you are a true master of your art..I can’t stop thinking about last night!

October 11, 2023
Gullich - ‘X’ formerly Twitter

My two hours with Mistress Eloise and Mistress Beatrix tonight felt like the session I had been leading up to my whole life. Simply incredible ladies and nothing could have been better. Mistress Beatrix has definitely completed her apprenticeship!

June 29, 2023

I spent an amazing hour with Mistress Eloise .

          Out of character she is warm and engaging and genuinely interested in your desires. Her passion and positivity for what she does is evident in how she comes across.
      In character she is every inch a goddess who expects to be worshiped. One of my memories will be her expression as she was above me. It was a cross between a smile and a sneer as she took pleasure in my suffering. Really Hot!!!!
     I did make one mistake of booking the session and then going back to work, got absolutely nothing done!
     I look forward to going back ( I am now Mistress property )
May 25, 2023
londonroad - Uk Punting

November 23, 2022
Lp1975 UK Punting

May 3, 2023

Thank you Eloise for yet again an incredible session, I honestly don’t know how you make every session better than the are simply incredible and I can’t get enough.

Can we book our next session for 2 hours, another mistress / assistant of your choice…all shackles off, do what you wish ?


April 18, 2023

Mistress Eloise convinced me that there is life in the old dog yet! She is a rare find, combining a high level of expertise in BDSM with exquisite personal services. Above all, she is a lovely person to be with: attractive, interesting and amusing. If I was a betting man, I would wager that she will rise to the top of her profession. Secret27 provides a pretty much unique blend of services delivered with professionalism, care, humour and respect, and I wish them well.

March 9, 2023
Arranging to visit Mistress Eloise was very simple, with a quick phone call. I arrived at the nearest tube station and called again for directions. Secret 27 is a few minutes’ walk from the tube, and has its own discreet street entrance. The flat is modern and comfortable. The room we used has an en-suite bathroom with a good shower for pre and post session use.
Mistress Eloise looks good in photos, and much better in real life, with a delicious lithe body enticingly clad in latex, as requested.
After a short discussion about likes and limits, the fun began. Most importantly, Eloise was wonderfully enthusiastic; by far the most important criteria in my experience. Great use was made of a variety of the equipment on offer, and she showed expert skills, fully understanding all safety aspects.
Needless to say, I found my session to be completely satisfying in every way, and will definitely be repeating the experience. My only question will be whether to have one an accomplices join us? A delicious question to ponder while I remember our session with a smile on my face.
March 7, 2023
This was my second visit to Nurse Eloise’s clinic.  Both sessions have been truly wonderful.  Eloise is both beautiful and so friendly and welcoming.  That she loves her role as a Domme is not in doubt and she has taken great delight in torturing and tormenting me into a gibbering wreck.
Thank you for yet another amazing session.  It goes without saying that I will be back at the earliest opportunity to arrange another appointment.
January 10, 2023
Bob Someguy

I met with Mistress Eloise for just over a 1hr session. Firstly, her pictures don’t do her justice – she really is incredibly striking in person. She was dressed the part in stockings, leather skirt and satin blouse with stunning lingerie underneath. She has a warm and friendly personality which instantly put me at ease. We had a great session involving sissy play, chastity, strap on, SPH and breast/ass worship, which was incredibly naughty. I was made to feel like a very slutty sissy and I loved every minute. Can’t recommend enough!

December 15, 2022
I was delighted to discover this new West London gem of iniquity – especially since the closure of the London Retreat.
The place is discreet and crucially on a very cold day easily warm enough to be naked.
Miss Kitty the receptionist greeted me with a perfectly made, warming cup of tea whilst I stripped off and awaited the arrival of Mistress Eloise.
She was everything I expected and hoped for and more .  She is absolutely stunning – even more in real life than in her photos. With her red hair, juicy red lips and skin tight red latex dress she stepped right out of my fantasies.
I won’t go in to too much detail but she listened  to all my desires and then delivered lots of pleasure and pain with equal aplomb.
She’s got a lovely relaxed and authentic manner which I like – although I’m sure she could come across very differently if desired as she says she loves to role play which isn’t my thing.
She has the nicest skin I’ve ever touched, a perfect body, incredible boobs and lips and is both naturally gifted and supremely experienced and confident in what she does.
Two days later I’m still tingling and can’t wait to see her again.
However many stars are available she deserves plus more .
December 1, 2022

i met with Mistress Eloise for a 1 hour session. Had a great time. i was meeting Her for the first time and was kind of nervous as i always am on first sessions. She was really professional in discussing my interests  which allowed me to feel comfortable and really enjoy the session. i was impressed by how charismatic and likeable She was. Really put me at ease.

 i felt like she knew exactly what i wanted and executed all the activities expertly. I’m writing this review a few weeks later but the session is still firmly in my brain. my orgasm was intense! I will 100% come back.

November 29, 2022

i had finally managed to book these two intriguing Mistresses together for an hour of debauchery.
i have met Mistress Eloise before and have fond memories of what we have done in the past and She is a beautiful redhead with the naughty twinkle in her eye. This was my first time meeting Mistress Rose and wow what a beautiful curvy figure and She has a beautiful naughty smile.

i was shown into the room by the Maid and freshened up in the clean ensuite ready for the adventures to occur, i was dressed in lingerie how Mistress Eloise wanted me to be.

When the two Mistresses entered the room i knew i was in for a good time, Mistress Eloise explained to me what was going to happen with plenty of anal play and stretching and nipple play and also whether i could complete Mistress Eose’s challenge of taking her huge strap on!

I was strapped in place on the bed with legs raised where Mistress Eloise began to stretch my anal passage with various implements and toys whilst Mistress Rose was teasing and abusing my nipples in Her own devilish way.

After having accepted all of Mistress Eloise’s toys and stretching techniques She told Mistress Rose i was ready to take on Her challenge, i’m sure i heard Mistress Rose comment ‘he’s gaping ready for Me’ as She lined up Her big toy to enter me, with Her thrust of Her hips i could feel the toy entering me and wow it felt good and she was in full control. i’m glad i passed Her challenge and as an reward Mistress Eloise wanted me to show Mistress Rose my party trick that only i’ve done for Mistress Eloise only.

The hour flew by but wow what a session from these two professional Mistresses and i will be rebooking very soon and for longer.

i fully recommend anyone visiting however nervous as you will be well looked after.

Thanks again Mistress Eloise and Mistress Rose.

November 23, 2022
My previous reviews would indicate that I was a regular at the now closed London Retreat. But now there is this new venture called Secret 27. The Twitter and the website gave a very similar vibe to London Retreat so I decided to give it a go.
Before I go into the detail, one thing I would mention is that Miss Lauren and now Miss Alex – both at LR before – are joining this set up. So it’s pretty much LR but different management.
All pretty straight forward actually. Unlike the old LR when they only do on the day and on the phone appointments, S27 is a lot more modern now! You can do everything on WhatsApp (I know it has to be carefully managed…) and it was professional and efficient. I think you can do advance booking too.
They have a receptionist full time looking after the communication, and was there on site.
A bit further out compared to old location, but convenient in that it is 5/6 minutes walk from station. Basement flat on a very busy traffic main road. But discreet enough.
The play room is not very big but has all the relevant equipment. She commented that they are working on another room. The flat / room is clean and nicely done up.
The meet
It is reliably a reboot of LR. Miss Eloise was very professional but friendly and sensual. A short introductory chat, she checked what I liked and was readily offering intimate personal services.
I asked for some foot worship, intimate worship and anal play. She delivered everything perfectly and the ending of anal play while she gave me a brilliant bj was pitch perfect.
And then a little friendly chat at the end.
It was £250 for one hour – so it was on the expensive end for sure… but hey Ho, it is high inflation in general life these days.
Overall I thought it was an excellent experience in a good set up. They are probably still finalising the rota but I would certainly be happy to visit Miss Eloise or others again in the future.
October 25, 2022
peekaboo Sue sissyboy
i had the most amazing session with the wonderful and Superior Madam Eloise, it was a truly magnificent Femdom experience, from the moment i walked in i was greeted by the wonderfully Superior Miss Kitty who was firm with me as it should be and made change and wait till Madam Eloise was ready to take control of me and that is exactly what She did.
She reminded me of my place as an inferior male subject to all Superior Females and whilst playing with my peekaboo’s (Nipples) told me what She feels should happen to men in a future Female Led Society, we exchanged ideas of how Females can take control which aroused me no end. We played for around 2 hours with lots of tickling, torture, peekaboo play, gimp play and sissifcation.
She made me cum for Her pleasure and then senually played with me to make sure i had come down gently from the high She had forced me to induce.
i have complete surrendered to Madam Eloise and Miss Kitty and I can’t wait to serve them both again soon.