OPEN: 11:00am-8:00pm Mon-Sat
OPEN: 11:00am-8:00pm Mon-Sat

Madame Elyxie

Secret 27 Mistress

If you would like to book Madame Elyxie, please call or message via WhatsApp for up to date availability. 



‘To serve, to obey and to suffer…’

Madame Elyxie is a Sensual Sadomasochist. One who coaxes you outside of your comfort zone, while deftly initiating you into the exclusive luxury of Her deviant pleasures.

Only those who crave raw, passionate experiences should approach a session with Madame Elyxie, whose blend of twisted eroticism and elegant cruelty is always executed with an artistic flair. Possessing a razor sharp wit, a disarming smile and and a dedication to perversion in all of its euphoric guises.
A uniquely cathartic ritual of manipulation, abjection and surrender is guaranteed to unfold beneath Her hypnotic, ice blue gaze.

Phone and video chat available on request. Get in touch for more details.

5ft 6

Madame Elyxie is a Domme who can be seen alone or with an assistant.

45 mins
1 hour
90 mins
2 hours
additional hours

Additional tributes for an assistant when required are listed below.

45 mins
1 hour
90 mins
2 hours
Additional Hours

Madame Elyxie's schedule for the next two weeks.


May 20, 2024


May 24, 2024


May 27, 2024


May 31, 2024

These are some of the fetish services that Madame Elyxie offers. This list may help understand what might be expected of you when serving her.

Anal Play
Breathe Play
CBT/Cock and Ball Torture
Corporal Punishment
Foot/Stocking/Shoe/Boot Worship
Intox Play
Latex, Leather, PVC and Uniforms
Nipple Play/Torture
Personal Services
Role Play
Tie and Tease
Ball Busting
Electrics (Electrastim and Violet Wand)
Needle Play
Urethral Sounds
Body Worship
Wax Play
Madame Elyxie’s Reviews
March 25, 2024
Chris - WhatsApp

This was my second time visiting Madame Elyxie. She is very beautiful in person. We had a pleasant chat beforehand. She puts you right at ease and is very attentive discussing interests and limits. We did a bit of role play with a mix of humiliation, punishment and reward. I would happily session with her again! Chris x

February 12, 2024
Chris - WhatsApp

Madame Elyxie and I had a lovely chat beforehand about kinks and limits. As a beginner, this really put me at ease. She is a stunner, very beautiful with an amazing body. She is naturally dominant. Dressed to perfection, she carried out the session expertly, with elements of SPH, body worship, panty sniffing, spanking, strap-on play and more. She mentioned that watersports is a favourite of hers, but it’s best to flag this in advance. I wouldn’t hesitate to session with Madame Elyxie again.

November 4, 2023
Jim via Email
This was my second visit to Secret27 and arrived early and was able to meet and have a chat with Kitty as well as briefly meeting the lovely Beatrix.
Elyxie came in and I outlined what I was into.
She returned and took control ordering me to submit on my knees then lie on my back on the bed where she secured my legs and began a ball kicking session this was followed by a Caning session. She decided on 12 but at the end as I asked for a couple more harder strokes ended up with 24 which I loved and could easily had another 12 even harder. Then she started to use the wand electrics.
I then found Elyxie sitting on my face demanding I lick her pussy and arse before releasing her Nectar straight into my mouth.
In between all this torment I was teased by Elyxie sucking on her nipples while she played with my cock and balls alternatively stroking and scratching. We finished with sex after which I was offered a shower before saying my goodbyes but I will return!
London Retreat may have closed but Secret27 lives on and long may it last.
October 23, 2023
Badem481 - Ukpunting

Communications: Very convenient; check the schedule and arrange bookings via WhatsApp messages.

Location: 2 minutes from Barons Court Underground.

Venue: A fully equipped dungeon with an en-suite and domestic room; they have everything for every fetish and are very clean.

Appearance: Madame Elyxie is a very attractive woman with cool tattoos; she is open to role-play and any fetish.

Event: This was my first time with a Dom, so I didn’t know what to expect and arranged only a 30-minute session, which was a mistake. The session should last at least 45 minutes, or better, an hour, since there is a mental element to it.

Initially, Madame Elyxie asked me about my fetishes, and since it was my first time, I asked her to take the lead. Immediately, she arranged a scenario. She is very good at teasing. We played a little bit, then she allowed me to touch her, and I realized that she was soaking wet, and I said “wow” to myself. You cannot fake that she really likes what she is doing. She rode and came on my face, which was very hot. She is also hairy; that’s another fetish. Then I finished as we played a little more.

In essence, I had a great experience. I am so happy that London has a great establishment like Secret27.

July 8, 2023

Work travel had kept me away for a while and I was pleased to meet Iris, one of the new recruits, who opened the door to me and showed me through to the recently built new room.

Iris is much prettier than in her photos – but you will have to check that out for yourselves.

After Iris brought me a glass of wine, I was pleased to renew my acquaintance with Elyxie.

Elyxie told me that she had received a caning so she knows what it feels like. Always good, in my opinion, to experience what you dish out!

Elyxie asked if I would let Iris observe my caning (Iris is still learning). Of course, I said “Yes”.

Iris entered to see me bent over the end of the bed for my caning and, after watching Elyxie, asked if she could have a go. Again, I said “Yes”.

It turns out that Iris is a natural caner. Confident, not afraid to cane hard and accurately. Iris admitted being good at racquet sports! I can vouch for her proficiency in caning as part of her assessment to be promoted to being a Secret 27 Mistress.

Elyxie’s strap-on skills remain superb and she continues to love being licked.

After a quick shower and chat with Elyxie, Iris and Kitty, I headed home.

I can’t wait to see Elyxie and Iris together one day!


July 15, 2023

I would like to provide Mistress Elyxie with a glowing recommendation. I visited her on 14th July and on her arrival into the dungeon she far surpassed the photos of her…..I had provided her with a summary of how our session could proceed and she was perfect throughout…..she is assertive and dominating in a very controlled way….both verbally and with her physical and beautiful charms…..having been spanked and having sucked her strap on and been tied up and blindfolded and then released, she permitted and encouraged me to show my appreciation of Mistress ……which I duly did….I shall certainly be returning to obey and please Mistress Elyxie again.James.

June 29, 2023

My toes were curling after a 90 minute session with Elyxie. She took on board all that I said, thought about it, and came up with a wonderful cocktail of kinks which included intimate body worship, spanking and anal play. A true enthusiast! She uses her body in a delightful and intimate way to enhance the experience, and tempers a strong and commanding presence with a sense of humour. I will certainly see her again.

April 7, 2023

Date of visit 14 April

Since my last review, I have seen Elyxie three times, once with Lauren and twice on her own. Elyxie gets better every time. Lauren had shown her how to cane accurately and firmly. Last Friday, it was Elyxie’s turn to demonstrate her caning technique to Candii. Elyxie is accurate and now needs to focus on developing force.

Afterwards (after giving her clit a good licking), I felt my thigh becoming extremely wet. Young Elyxie was still not satisfied and was rubbing herself along my thigh, leaving a damp trail (as she had already done on my face). Do not miss meeting this incredible young woman. You will not be disappointed.


February 24, 2023

Session 24 February

I had hoped to see Lauren (who I knew from the London Retreat) and Elyxie together, but their popularity meant I could only see Elyxie solo. The venue is a discreet basement flat very close to West Kensington Underground station on a busy main road.
I was delighted when I met Elyxie, who is the newest recruit to Secret27. Elyxie is an attractive, confident, articulate young woman (her photos do not do her justice) who takes time to find out what you want. She knows just how empowering the combination of good lingerie and a strap-on dildo can be for a woman. Elyxie needs a bit more experience using the cane – I am sure she will be able to get lessons and plenty of practice here. Following my caning, I was soon on all fours with her dildo inside me after she first penetrated me with her fingers. Ball-tying and face sitting led to me licking her pussy which she seemed to enjoy. An excellent solo performance with no rush. I will be back.
February 15, 2023

Session 14th Feb

It was my first time at Secret27 so was a little nervous but was met at the door by a very nice lady who showed me into the play room and put me at ease.  After a minute or so in came Elyxie. She is so lovely with a smiley face and perfect legs and arse! She discussed the session then I was left to get ready.  She came back in a few minutes later to start the session.  I won’t go into any detail but will say that the tie and tease we did was amazing and she was perfect.  No clock watching and I was sad that the session had to end!

I will certainly be seeing her again in the very near future.